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 "Defensor" Soccer Team




Defensor F.C. is a Christian based training and development Soccer program. The program primarily runs from October of the current year to March of the following year. The program was established in the summer of 2013. Defensor began with a group of six, eight year old, boys. The program now has 45 boys ranging from the ages of 7 to 13 years of age, creating three separate teams which practice indoors and participate in tournaments. Last year, Defensor came home with thirteen first place victories.


George Benitez, founder and head coach, established the program under the supervision and extension of his Church Higher Ground Ministries. George called the team Defensor which is a Spanish word meaning defender. His vision is that the boys participating in the program will find purpose and meaning in their lives and establishing their walk in their early years as “Defenders of the Christian Faith”.


Defensor has two additional sponsorships: Ingersoll Auto of Danbury, and Sports Authority.


“We pray after every practice and before every game. I have been blessed to have such a wonderful group of boys and parents which support us. I know that it was Jesus who brought them together. And I am honored to lead them” George Benitez


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