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Our Church was founded by 

Pastor Evelyn Weber and her

husband William in 2005.

Since then The Church On 

Higher Ground has experienced

many metamorphosis . We have 

grown in so many way's. we are

a Church that is multi-talented,

multi -generational and multi-

nationalities. Like a puzzel we 

have seen a beautiful tapestry of

lives come together in perfect

unity,the only missing piece to 

this puzzle is you.

We are a church that does many

conferences and brings in a high

caliber of prophetic speakers 

and the like. Please see our 

What we believe page. We are in

the process of looking for a

building to purchase,that will be 

able to allow the vision to 

continue to grow. We are a 

Church of Worshipper's and 

believe in the Power of Praise

to set men and women of all

ages free from the results of

Sin in our lives.






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